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(1) Geographic Location

Geographic Location of France

With a coastline of 3,427.17 kilometers, France is located in the western continental Europe and bordered on the north by English Channel, west by Atlantic Ocean, south by Mediterranean. It has a hexagon-like shape and is surrounded by water on three sides and connected to land by three sides. As the center of European Union (EU), France has six neighboring countries: Belgium and Luxembourg in the north; Germany and Switzerland in the east; Italy in the southeast; and Spain in the southwest. France is not only the biggest country in Europe (with a size of 550,000 km2), but also an important concourse of Europe.

(2) Economy

France is EU’s principal sponsor nation and member nation with well-developed industry and agriculture. Not only are its nuclear power generation, aerospace, and automotive industries forefront of the world, but also its perfume industry is known around the world. “Eau de Parfum” (perfume) of Paris is considered as the national treasure by French people; French perfumes are mainly produced in Grasse, Lyon and Paris, the country’s three perfume centers. Furthermore, the French fashion industry has a big fame across the world for its varied materials, unique design, exquisite production technique; there are around 2,000 apparel stores in Paris. Even more, the country is worldly recognized as the origin of movie industry, and its automobile production is ranked in the fourth place in the world, right after the United States, Japan and Germany.

(3) Tax System

1. Annual basis tax (IFA): EUR 750 / year
2. business tax (TP): business tax around the city of France is different, equivalent to China's local tax. In tax terms, Paris, France, for example, is 5.5%.
3. value-added tax (TVA): French national tax, the national tax rate of 19.6%. It is the tax levied on the consumption of goods and services and borne by the consumers.

(4) French company type

1. Limited liability company: General limited liability company SARL / sole shareholder limited liability company EURLL
2. Co., Ltd.: Ordinary Co., Ltd. SA / Simple Co., Ltd. SAS
3. partnership (unlimited company) SNC 4. Interests Cooperation Group GIE

2. Conditions and Advantages of Establishment

  • Scope of Applications International Trade
  • Registered Capital Generally EUR 20,000 to EUR 30,000; an account must be opened in Paris.
  • Shareholders 1 (shall be above 18 years old; may be a natural person or juridical person)
    At least 1 shareholder shall be a national of France or has the right of abode in France.
  • Directors 1 (shall be above 18 years old; must be a natural person)
  • Secretaries Not required
  • Company Information Directors’ detailed information will not be disclosed publicly; name and address of the company’s managerial officers shall be submitted to the competent authority every year.
  • Annual declaration Required
  • Annual Report and Statement Declaration Institutional shareholders shall be audited every year.
  • Tax Burden Non tax-free.
  • Whether to mark its Chinese name. No
  • Working days required to set up the company. Self-named company: 70~80 working days.