Offshore Company AnguillaAnguilla Anguilla


(1) Geographic Location

Geographic Location of Anguilla

Located northeast of Caribbean Sea and north of Leeward Islands, Anguilla is about 950 miles southeastward away from Miami, Florida States. Anguilla has around 11,000 residents and its land surface is around 91km2. The country became a British colony in 1650 and is an independent republic today. However, its diplomatic relations and national defense are in charged by the United Kingdoms.

(2) Economy

In recent years, Anguilla has become a first-class travelling destination and tourism industry has become the backbone of its economy. On the other hand, fishing industry is an important economic sector of the country, and the country’s financial service industry also grows continuously. Most of Anguillans are African, and some are Europeans (mostly from the United Kingdoms).

(3) Tax System

Anguilla does not levy income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, profits tax, gift tax, estate tax and other direct taxes. Besides, only very little information shall be reported to the competent authority in Anguilla, and companies do not need to submit financial statements. In 2005, the government passed new legislation to control money-laundry activities.

2. Conditions and Advantages of Establishment

  • Scope of Applications Holdings companies.International Trade.
  • Registered Capital GenerallyUS$ 50,000
  • Shareholders 1 (may be a natural person or juridical person, shall be above 18years old. May be a director and secretary concurrently)
  • Directors 1
  • Secretaries Not required
  • Stock Issues Registered, and must be agreed by and given to the supervisor for safekeeping.
  • Company Information Directors and shareholders shall also provide their passport and address certificates to the government’s registration department for future verification; however, the said information will not be disclosed publicly.
  • Annual Report and Statement Declaration Not required
  • Tax Burden Tax free.
  • Whether to mark its Chinese name. No
  • Working days required to set up the company. Self-named company: 14 to 21 working days.